Managing the AONB

Working to manage the AONB takes in all aspects of life on Llŷn ranging from wildlife conservation, tourism, heritage and planning permission to name a few.

The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 introduced new powers to help protect these precious landscapes, and made it compulsory that every Local Authority with an AONB within its boundary should prepare and publish an AONB Management Plan.

As well as environmental protection and management, the plan must take into account the social well-being and economic needs of the area it serves. It should also aim to promote and encourage actions that will improve the state of a particular resource or special quality or increase its extent.

Here on Llŷn we have an updated version of the Plan. Management Plans need to regard AONBs as living landscapes, places where people live and work as well as places people visit and come to enjoy. The Llŷn AONB plan sets out a clear vision for its future management, including a list of aims and objectives and a detailed action plan for work to be undertaken.